My podcasts on gender issues

Kizzy Morrell Interview

This is an extract from Kizzy Morrell's show on Ujima Radio. Kizzy kindly asked me into the studio to explain trans issues to her. We were starting from a position of very little knowledge, so my apologies if some of it is a bit basic, but the chances are that much of Kizzy's audience knew no more than she did so these things are worth doing.

Of course this is also live radio and I wasn't in control of the discussion, so I didn't cover everything I might have liked to. In particular there was nothing on trans guys or non-binary people. I'm not happy about that. I'm also a bit concerned about the word "transvestite" as I've had conflicting input as to whether that is acceptable these days.

Caveats aside, I hope I did a decent job of pleading our case. My thanks to Kizzy and her team for giving me space o the show, and for being so supportive.

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