My podcasts on gender issues

The Unstraight Conference was an event about queering museums that took place at the Museum of Liverpool on June 13th and 14th, 2014. I attended partly because of my involvement in Out Stories Bristol, and partly because I wanted to see the April Ashley exhibition that Liverpool was staging at the time. This podcast is a collection of short interviews with people I met at the event. They are:

  • Janet Dugdale - Director of the Museum of Liverpool
  • Gary Everett - Director of Homotopia
  • Bev Ayre - Project Director for the April Ashley exhibition
  • Jenny-Ann Bishop - a local trans activist
  • Sara Davidmann - a photographic artist who works with trans people
  • Surat Knan - Project Manager for Rainbow Jews
  • Sarah Blackstock - Heritage Project Manager for LGBT Birmingham
  • Michael Fürst - Schwules Museum*, Berlin
  • Durk Dehner - Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles

My thanks to all of them for their time.

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